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Maria's of Santa Fe
Maria's New Mexican Kitchen
555 West Cordova Road
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
505/983-7929 -- Fax: 505/983-4700
email: info@marias-santafe.com


At Maria's, we have over 100 REAL Margaritas from which to choose!  But, what is a "real" Margarita? Simple. It's one that's made with "REAL" tequila, "REAL" triple-sec and "REAL" lemon or lime juice (we use fresh-squeezed lemon juice instead of lime, because of it's year-round consistency). Real Tequila is a liquor made ONLY in Mexico, which has been distilled from the sugary juices extracted from the cooked heart of the Weber blue agave plant. To be considered true tequila, it must contain at least 51% of this agave juice (sugar). Most off-brands or "cheap" tequilas sold in the USA do not contain the required 51% agave sugar and by regulation, are not considered tequila. Maria's of Santa Fe

The Mexican government maintains strict regulations for producers of tequila and issues a "NORMA" number to those Mexican distillers who meet their tough requirements. A bottle of real tequila will have the three letters, "N-O-M," followed by four numbers on the label... if it doesn't have a "N-O-M" number on the label, then it is simply NOT real tequila. PERIOD! AT MARIA'S, WE USE ONLY REAL TEQUILA IN ALL OF OUR MARGARITAS!

Real Triple-sec is a clear orange liqueur made from the skins of exotic orange peels, which have been sun- dried, then reconstituted with distilled water, fermented, then triple-distilled. Maria's uses BOLS brand triple-sec, which is made with all natural premium ingredients (many commercial brand triple-secs use artificial flavoring -- check the label). (NOTE: Most of our Margaritas are made with COINTREAU, which is an ultra-premium triple-sec imported from France, or GRAND MARNIER, another French import made by blending premium triple-sec with premium Cognac that is then aged for a minimum of 18-months).

We use fresh-squeezed lemon juice with no sugar or preservatives added, and finally, our ICE is an important component of our Margaritas because it subtly adds just the right amount of water to the Margarita, by breaking the corners and edges into the concoction when our bartenders shake the drink. (Using a blender adds too much water and over-dilutes the flavors).

Visit Maria's in Santa Fe and see why THE SEATTLE TIMES called Maria's "THE MOTHERLODE OF AMERICAN MARGARITAS!"  Maria's has been voted BEST MARGARITAS IN SANTA FE (Santa Fe Reporter Newspaper, 1998, 1999, 2000) and BEST MARGARITAS IN NEW MEXICO (Crosswinds Magazine, 1999 only year of poll)!


REAL TEQUILA DRINKS (Other than Margaritas)

Here are a few REAL tequila drinks that we offer... they are wonderful, and they are commonly called Margaritas, but we cannot in good conscience, call them REAL Margaritas:

Fresh fruit drinks are the only "Margarita's" we recommend to be made in a blender.  When a blender is used, the ice dilutes the concoction so much that all the flavors of the mixture is lost.  But, these fruit "Margaritas" are quite a delight:

The Strawberry Margarita

 Made with Cuervo Silver tequila, Bols triple-sec, frozen whole natural unsweetened strawberries, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and a touch of sweet-and-sour. Delicious! Served frozen style (made in an electric blender and not hand-shaken).

The Peach Margarita
Made with Cuervo silver tequila, Bols triple-sec, fresh frozen natural peaches, fresh- squeezed lemon juice and a touch of sweet-and-sour. Served frozen style (made in an electric blender and not hand shaken).

NOTE: "Frozen-style means that the same measurements of ingredients in REAL Margaritas (including ice) are placed in an electric blender and blended until slushy or "frozen" -- we add sweet-and-sour (a high-sugar-content bar mix) to add flavor. "Frozen" Margaritas are well suited to the use of real whole fruits and it's one of the reasons our strawberry and peach "Margaritas" are so good!

NOTE: We Discourage the drinking of "shots" -- it's just too easy to drink too much, too fast. It is our belief that alcoholic beverages should be consumed in a responsible manner. Enjoy our Margaritas... sip them slowly and always with food! Our Margaritas are offered for your pleasure. We use only super-premium ingredients in our Margaritas. These ingredients are the most expensive, purest and most natural of their kind, available in the world. Drink less and enjoy it more. If you do not live in the Santa Fe area, be careful of your alcohol consumption! Our high altitude will make you "feel" your liquor quicker than normal. We suggest designated drivers. We'll be happy to call a friend or taxi to drive you.

If you're coming to Santa Fe and want to make reservations at least one week ahead of time, please go to Reservations. You can also call 505/983-7929.

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